Lucien is the most creative person I know. He has a natural flair for design that shows up in every project he undertakes. As a woodworker, he always creates something strikingly beautiful, fresh, and original, whether he’s fashioning an everyday object such as a cutting board or creating an air-plant display from a piece of driftwood. You’ll be amazed at what he can dream up to inspire you in your life.
— Author, Portland, Oregon
Lucien is a delightful young man who lives down the street from me. He has done so many awesome projects for my house: sumptuous shelves for my bathrooms, elegant large wooden letters for my walls, and tasteful bulletin and dry-erase boards for my daughter’s bedroom. How lucky I am to have him for a neighbor!
— Neighbor
I have a business selling imported small goods at craft fairs and markets. Last Christmas, I invited Lucien to share my stalls at a couple of fairs, because I was impressed with his work. Even I was amazed at the beautiful handcrafted goods he brought for sale: attractive cutting boards, striking planters, and gorgeous pencil holders. I can’t wait to see what he’ll create next!
— Business Owner, Beaverton, Oregon
I was really impressed by the raised beds that Lucien made for the garden at his house, so I commissioned him to make some for me. He chose the wood with care and made the beds promptly. I must say that they have transformed my garden.
— Store owner and sports coach, Portland, Oregon
When Lucien showed me samples of the cutting boards he was making, I had the immediate impulse to own a couple myself for the kitchen in my new house. The first he made for me was a butcher block from Pacific maple. Then he made a walnut board in the shape of the state of Oregon. All the guests at my receptions have commented on how beautiful the boards are and how much they light up my kitchen.
— Music teacher, West Linn, Oregon

About Me

Hi, I am Lucien, a 16-year-old woodworker based in Portland, Oregon.  I have been homeschooled for the past four years.  I primarily make small kitchen goods and modern furniture, and accept commissions for your home, garden, or business.

My passion for woodworking started in 2013.  Soon, when other kids would be playing video games, I was spending several hours a day watching my favorite woodworkers on Youtube, where I now subscribe to over 300 channels.   I have also been taking woodworking classes, attending meetings of the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, and having lessons with accomplished woodworkers. 

I have a 200 sq. ft. workshop in scenic Northwest Portland, full of the latest and greatest power tools -- and a fine selection of hand tools.

I also have a photography business, Lucien Photography.

Want to commission me to make your dream projects? Chat about woodworking?  I'd love to hear from you at hello@lucienlasocki.com, or see the Contact Me page.