past commissions

Here is a collection of some of my previous custom commissioned projects. To commission me to make your dream project, see your commission.


Anne's Cutting and Cheese Boards

Anne had seen some of my cutting boards and thought one would make a great housewarming gift for a friend. When she saw one of my walnut breadboards she imagined a ping pong bat, sprouting the idea for her ping pong cheese board. Once she saw the ping pong board, she loved it so much she commissioned another cutting board for herself. Her cutting board was based on a previous cheese board design, and she requested a cutout to hold it more easily.

David's Custom Walnut Gift Box

I wanted to make a custom box to house a set of allen wrenches for my cyclist friend. The box is made in Claro Walnut from Goby Walnut, finished with my own mix of linseed oil and local beeswax, and has a hand-cut foam insert.

modern Leaning Shelves for our Library

In the winter of 2016, I took on an ambitious project: to replace all of the furniture in our home that I didn't like. The first project is shown here: modern leaning bookshelves inspired by minimalism and Scandinavian design. The shelves are constructed from Walnut plywood and banded with solid Walnut. The shelf supports are made from 2" Poplar hardwood. The bookshelves lean at 7º towards the wall. They are a small gallery of my latest projects, sometimes changing weekly. The shelves have transformed the space, and inspire me everyday.

the claudine collection

Claudine commissioned me to make several wall art pieces and built-in shelves for her home. 

Other past commissions

your commission

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